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Personal Style tailored to you

Hi, I’m Renee, a Mum of two and your very own Mummy Stylist.

I’ve spent over 15 years working in the fashion industry, styling everyone from models for campaigns, celebrities for the red carpet and most importantly, Mum’s of all shapes and sizes who have lost an element of who they are post-baby.

I can help you embrace the new you and regain your sparkle by building you a new capsule wardrobe with the Mummy Style experiences.

Mummy Style Experiences

Mummy Style Occassion Outfit – £20

Whether it is to wow as a wedding guest this summer, or you’re looking for the perfect birthday dress ensemble, I will take the stress out of searching the high street.

We’ll have a Facetime consultation, then I’ll find you a choice of 3 outfits which suits your style, budget, body shape and occasion.  You can shop directly from the book online, saving you time wandering around the shops, from the comfort of home.

Your Cinderella moment is just one click away.

Mummy Style Personal Styling Service – £99

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Digital Style consultation via FaceTime 

Through my open and friendly approach, I offer a bespoke personal styling service that suits all body shapes, budgets and lifestyles. Firstly I want to get to know you and how you feel about your current wardrobe. I do this through a questionnaire to get to know a little more about you and via Facetime chat which can be scheduled to suit you.

Personalised support (hold your hand) through wardrobe cleanse

I’ll then send you my wardrobe cleanse tips.  This is your opportunity to ruthlessly decide whether you should keep, sell or donate pieces in your wardrobe and then we can regroup and talk through what made the final cut………….as the best of what you already have, will then create the building blocks for your new style. Don’t worry you will not do this alone, I will create a private messaging group, so you can feel free to share images or ask me anything.

Inspirational lookbook of your personal style (guide for the future)

Alongside this, I will start to research the trends, styles and shapes that I feel will work for you. These will be presented in an inspirational lookbook, which will help you create your ultimate shopping list. I will also give you styling tips on how to get your wardrobe to work hard for you.  Plus all recommended clothing is shoppable with online links, straight to the product.

Shopping should then be a totally different experience.  You will know what to look for to best suit your body, how to pull pieces together that will compliment your existing wardrobe, plus your styling tips to hopefully keep your wardrobe exciting.

Virtual Personal Shopping Experience – £20

Take me shopping with you

Following your mummy style experience, you may want additional support and advice for when you decide to shop from your lookbook.  Via Whatsapp or your prefered choice of contact, I can offer expert advice on the clothing you try.  Whether it’s “should I try this?” or “how does this look?” from your fitting room pics.  My honest approach will ensure you get the best out of your shopping day.