Mummy Style Experience £159

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“The lookbook I received blew my mind, not only was it gorgeous to look through, it felt like my personal high-end catalogue


1. Style Consultation

We start your experience with a friendly and open video chat about your current style dilemma’s, wardrobe needs and day to day life. We then walk through your wardrobe piece by piece, which ultimately gives me a deeper understanding of your style needs.

The beauty of the video chat is timing, this can be booked at a time that suits you and happens from the comfort of your home.

“Renee is brilliant.  She was gentle, extremely funny,

honest, passionate and knowledgable”


2. Wardrobe Cleanse

I will then send you my wardrobe cleanse tips.  This is your opportunity to ruthlessly decide whether you should keep, sell or donate each piece, as the best of what you already have, will then create the building blocks for your new style.

Don’t worry you will not do this alone, I will create a private messaging group, so you can feel free to share images through the process.

“Renee had a great understanding of my individual style and produced a

lookbook that gave me new ideas and nudged me out of my comfort zone”


3. Personalised Lookbook

I will start to research the trends, styles and shapes that I feel will work for you and your body shape. These will be presented in an inspirational lookbook, which will help you create your ultimate shopping list. All recommended clothing is shoppable with online links, straight to the product.

Shopping should then be a totally different experience. You will know what to look for to best suit your body, how to pull pieces together that will compliment your existing wardrobe, plus your styling tips to hopefully keep your wardrobe exciting.

“In a very short time, Renee managed to work out me,

my style and my tastes and put together a fab lookbook”


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