Wardrobe Refresh – Denim Jeans

This week I have been thinking a lot about the foundations of my outfits and questioning whether my everyday jeans are in need of a wardrobe refresh. My once loved skinny jeans have suddenly lost their spark, which is giving me the rather unfamiliar feeling of being in a style rut.


For this reason; my daily uniform of late has lacked a certain je ne sais pas and I’m blaming my most hardworking wardrobe item; my everyday skinny jean. My usual shape of choice has never failed to compliment my figure, boost my inner confidence and ground my look. Hey; even my go-to high waisted favourites give me a tummy tuck. So why the lost love?


Could it be the fact that I’ve failed to mix it up? I’ve become so dependent on the skinny, that I now take it for granted? Whatever the reason I need to reignite my love affair with the slimmest of jeans and I believe I can achieve this by adding another shape into the mix. A shape that is equal; figure-flattering and mood-enhancing and a shape I can get excited about.


One such style is the Wide Leg High Waisted Crop Jean by Baukjen; a 70s inspired silhouette that feels beautifully flattering and has a premium handwriting. These blue washed pair named the Gina, elongate my legs, nip in my waist and draw the eye from my Mummy tummy. The ankle-length showcases my favourite ballet pumps and as we move into the warmer seasons, I can switch them for espadrilles or sandals. I can just add a basket bag for the ultimate in Saint Tropez style.


I love to wear the jeans with a form-fitting knit, which balances out the volume of the full-wide leg. Due to the high-waist I feel confident with a fake tuck of my jumper and this reversible belt also helps pull me in. They also feel fun in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way and they have transformed by current outfits by giving a new lease of life to my everyday basics. Just imagine them with a Breton stripe and red lip… instant wardrobe refresh.

But best of all they have reminded me that you can always have two true loves; when it comes to your wardrobe.

Images by Katie Fallon Photography


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