Ad \ Self love… the perfect gift this Valentines

I love love. I love to be in love, I love the intense feelings of love I have for my children and I love the idea of self-love.


I tell my children I love them everyday, I finish phone conversations with “Love You” and I love to be told that I’m loved too.


& yet as we move into the month of love that is Valentine’s, I’m questioning whether I truly love myself.


I once wrote a blog post entitled ‘Writing a love letter to yourself… a day to put yourself first’ which hoped to encourage us Mum’s to love the person we are now and appreciate how incredible we are.  It was inspired by the idea of self love and the need to find a moment each day for ‘me time’, even if it was just 10 minutes with a cup of hot tea.


Practicing self-love is the perfect place to start for getting in touch with ourselves, our wellbeing and most importantly our happiness. Loving ourselves comes from self-acceptance and appreciation for the women we are.


But where do I start? This year I promised myself to develop self-care rituals in the hope of finding some me-time and discovering who I am again. One such ritual was inspired by a tradition my husband Ben and I started a couple of years ago. Each Valentine’s we go away to a spa weekend to reconnect and enjoy each other childfree.


We have treatments at the spa, I relish getting dressed up in my Valentine’s Day outfit and we enjoy delicious food and honest chat.Having the opportunity to dress up has always been a way for me to reconnect with the person I used to be. Someone who relished having time to look and feel good and wear something that evokes self-confidence.


This month I’m going to listen to my body and respond to how garments make me feel. Im loving the security that jeans give me right now, so adding this beautiful soft pink ruffle blouse adds the right amount of femininity in this romantic time.  I have realised that we can’t begin to love ourselves if we are trying to be someone else or dress for other people.


With that in mind this Valentine’s I challenge you to try a Valentine’s Day Outfit that makes you feel good and confident.  It can be your favourite pjs, a dress that makes you feel incredible, an oversized hoody that envelopes you in a hug or lingerie that makes you feel sensual.  But ladies, do it for you and the person inside who just wants to be loved.


Happy Valentines x


Images by Katie Fallon Photography

Blouse gifted as part of a Valentines collaboration with AngelEye. All self-loving thoughts my own


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