How I embraced sustainable style this Christmas x

Do you know what I currently find most thrilling about getting dressed at the moment? Shopping my own wardrobe and creating new head to toe looks from my most treasured items in a nod to sustainable style.


Having three children in a relatively short space of time has meant my wardrobe has constantly revolved to reflect my changing shape. Therefore; unearthing pieces stored in the attic and reintroducing them into my everyday, has given my style a new lease of life. This approach to dressing not only reduces my environmental and social impact it also helps define my capsule wardrobe.


This approach to dressing really came into its own this Christmas when I fell ill and couldn’t shop. I usually love treating myself to something special to wear, but good health trumped retail therapy this year. I knew I wanted to wear something that felt comfortable and relaxed, but had a touch of luxury about it.


Recently I wrote a blog post about leather trouser dressing and how this style of pant had surpassed my jeans for elevating my everyday essentials. The stretch fabric has all the qualities of relaxed style, whilst evoking a touch of grown up glamour.


For the children this year I did oversized chunky knits in shades of winter cream that felt very much Scandinavian. So I mirrored this look with a beautiful Margo cable cardigan from Baukjen. I added a simple Zara blouse I’ve been using constantly as a layering piece to add texture to my outfit.


Then for a touch of festivity I crowned my new longer hair with a green satin headband. I’ve found that hair accessories not only keep my fringe under control, it also offers another dimension to my look.


Thankfully this year we had Christmas at home so chunky socks completed my rather comfortable look. This January I am going to continue to make the most out of my current wardrobe and I challenge you to try embrace sustainable style. Join me this 2020 in getting the most out of our clothes and defining our personal styles x


Images by Katie Fallon Photography x


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