The Power Knit x

I believe that your winter wardrobe is only as good as your most reliable knit. For me; it’s my grey oversized chunky roll neck that I’ve been hibernating in for the past month or so. An adult version of a comfort blanket, it envelops me daily in a giant “you’ve got his mama” hug, whilst saving me from having to think about what to wear.

Unbeknown to me the fashion world are also having a knitwear moment and are currently paying homage to the power knit. This previously unassuming yet practical layering piece is no longer playing the supporting role to coats and boots. In fact it’s now in the limelight and I’m loving it.

So what is a power knit? For me, the single most perfect jumper is super cosy without burning you up, statement enough to hold its own without a coat and versatile in its multiple styling options.

This coming week marks my return to work from maternity leave and the virtues of a spilt style personality come into their own. Monday – Friday (excluding Thursdays) represents my fashion mum wardrobe. Chic enough for the office girls to believe I haven’t been on the moon making babies for the past year and practical enough for my near impossible child morning drop offs.

I want to wear it over dresses, with tailored trousers and my new obsession leather leggings. Then come my Mum days it needs to uplift my jeans, leggings and other casual bottom attire for soft play, park runs and any other child appropriate activities.

Recently I had the opportunity to style up some outfits from luxury brand Baukjen and one piece that ticks all those boxes is this Margot Cable Jumper.

It’s oversized without adding to my curvy frame, it’s bold enough in its emerald green hue and it’s super snugly enough to survive my husbands frugal heating measures. It compliments my entire winter wardrobe and equally inspires me to dust off my leather mini and black opaques.

What can I say, it’s my super power knit x



  1. January 25, 2020 / 9:48 am

    Absolutely love a knitted jumper! So cosy and comfortable

  2. Jemma
    January 25, 2020 / 10:28 am

    That green looks lovely on you, and those pink shoes ❤️. I’ve worn my favourite jumpers a bit too long they are all looking a bit sad now.

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