Comfort dressing

As the sky begins to blue and the sun starts to kiss my face; I rejoice at the first glimmers of summer. So much so that last years never-ending sunny days were one of my happiest…

I was 9 months post-baby, 6 weeks into my PT sessions and was starting to feel confident in my body. Clothes began to fit better, my tired skin looked healthy and with each new sundress, my confidence grew.

Fast forward to spring, I started the warmer seasons with a positive attitude, hoping I would find my happy place again. I’d not long given birth to Posy, so in hindsight my expectations were a little high and I should have been realistic about how I’d feel in my post baby skin.

These feelings became apparent during our recent family trip to the seaside. I had packed the right clothes for hiding my lumps and pumps and showing the right amount of curves. I had even weather proofed knowing we were in for rain and I had packed every GHD appliance I could to tame my fringe. And yet I found myself each day feeling broken spirited and melancholic.

Despite my best laid plans, I lived my entire week with my curly hair pulled back, whilst reaching for my leggings daily. I had no desire to “dress up” or have fun with my new purchases.

I put my lack of enthusiasm down to lack of sleep and having to manage 3 little ones 24/7. I did manage to pull out the stops for our friends wedding at the beginning of the trip, but it was downhill from there.

I just wanted comfort clothes. I wanted my leggings and jumpers to wrap me up in a giant hug and get me through my week. A printed dress could make me feel pretty, but would it envelope me in warmth?

It’s moments like this that we need to give in to looking great and surrender to feeling good. My new happy place was standing barefoot in the sand, the sun on my face and layers of fabric covering my body. It was also overindulging in fish and chips, Rose wine and chocolate ice creams. But most of all, it was living in the moment with my kids, not worrying whether I looked like an Instagram Mum x


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