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When it comes to personal style, my beautiful friend Catherine is a creature of habit.  With little time to browse the shops since becoming a Mum to her second son, Catherine has found a formula for dressing, that works for her.


Always immaculately dressed in her signature black harems, her self confessed guilty pleasures are shoes and accessories.  Looking back to our early 20’s when cocktails and shopping sprees were our priorities, Catherine always completed her look with fabulous shoes and an oversized clutch.  Fast forward to now as a Mum of 2 gorgeous boys, Albert and Arlo, her formula for dressing hasn’t changed.


Today wearing an Arket silk floral blouse, a recent purchase which is out of her current comfort style zone, Catherine shares her style story.


How would you describe your everyday style?

My everyday style is basic and relaxed, as I don’t have a lot of time to get dressed, therefore it needs to be practical.


What is your go-to look at the moment?

My go-to style is black harems or leggings, worn with a simple tee or jumper and trainers, as I walk everywhere.


How has your style evolved since becoming a Mum?

My style has evolved into elasticated waist trousers (haha) but I have always dressed quite simply.  I then love to jazz up my look with accessories… which is now a coffee cup and wet wipes.


Do you think fashion is important once you become a Mum?

Fashion is so important to us Mum’s.  Mums are important.  We need to feel like our old selves because when you become a parent, we lose our identity a little. Therefore I believe it’s important we claim it back.


What current item in your wardrobe can’t you live without?

My wardrobe staple is definitely my black Harem trousers as I can dress them up or down. I might be in a style rut but they are my go-to trousers and I will never throw those babies out.


Has your body changed since becoming a Mum? If so how have you adopted your body around it?

My body shape changed slightly when I had my first child, but the 2nd time around, I feel my body shape has changed a lot more. My stomach is different due to having 2 c sections and unfortunately, I doubt it will ever be flat again. So now I wear looser tops and more oversized clothes.


You’ve recently moved across the world, how will you adapt your everyday wardrobe?

I’ve just moved to Australia so I think I will need to adapt my wardrobe according to weather. So a lot of layering will need to happen, as in autumn and winter the sun still shines, but the wind can be cold.  I will need to change footwear too and wear more sandals to dress up my day time look as sometimes I think I’m too casual in flip flops. Ultimately I need to introduce basic key pieces that see me through my everyday.

Catherine is wearing – Arket Floral Silk Shirt 

Images shot by Katie Fallon at Katie Fallon Photography

Thank you to Oh Me Oh My for allowing us to shoot in such a beautiful place x


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