Mummy Style Wardrobe Cleanse

Welcome to your ultimate wardrobe cleanse for helping you discover your personal Mummy Style…

If like me when you wake in the morning, you are usually the last person to prioritise getting ready, with every moment of time being precious. Then opening your wardrobe, if cluttered, can feel incredibly overwhelming and leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Don’t worry, I have my favourite game-changing tips for overhauling your wardrobe so hopefully, you no longer have to put any thought into getting dressed.

Establish a Goal

How do your current clothes make you feel? Are they reflective of your personality?  Do you feel comfortable and confident when you get dressed?  & Do they complement your current Mum lifestyle?

These are the questions you need to ask before you can visualise what you want your wardrobe to be.  This will help you establish an overall goal for your new wardrobe.

For me my clothes need to feel stylish and smart for work, but relaxed and comfortable for my weekends with my family.


Book some YOU time

You can’t cleanse your wardrobe with a baby on your hip or a toddler doing somersaults amongst your linen (trust me, I tried).  Dedicate some YOU time to completely overhaul your wardrobe and ask family, friends or your partner to give you a little space.

When I recently did my wardrobe purge before returning to work after maternity leave, I asked my Mum to have the boys for half a day.  I made sure I had no other chores, put on my favourite music and I got stuck in.


Time to get naked

My biggest tip is, dress the body you have NOW, not the body you want or the body you used to have.  There is no point in having a wardrobe of clothes that you can’t even wear, they could be hiding the things you can.

This is the moment when you need to try on all of your clothes and decide whether they fit and do they make you feel good.

I honestly cried through this step, but afterwards, I had a deeper understanding of my new post-baby body shape.


Keep – Store – Throw

As you try on your clothes, you need to establish 3 clothing piles, keep, store and throw.  Here are some pointers to help you decide what pile your clothes should belong too:

Keep Pile

  • Clothing that fits your body NOW
  • Items that make you feel good within your skin
  • Reflective of your goal and Mum lifestyle (tip 1)

Tip: Establish a comfy pile to keep.  Let’s be honest, some days only a hoody and track pant will do.

Store Pile

  • Seasonal clothing such as holiday wear or occasion dresses.
  • You love it, but it doesn’t quite fit and you can’t possibly give it away.  There are usually the clothes that speak volumes about your personal style.  Store them away for your next wardrobe cleanse. (exercise/diet regime target)

Tip: Purchase some airtight containers that can be easily stored away.  Mine are kept in the attic.  Categorise each box and label them up, especially if like me you have quite a few ‘saving for a sunny day’ boxes.

Throw (or donate) pile

  • It doesn’t fit, and you have to be honest, it will never fit you quite right again
  • It doesn’t make you feel good
  • You have no purpose for it in your life
  • It’s poor quality or has lived its best life

Tip: Sell anything that is of good quality, you can then spend what you have earned on new complimentary pieces.  Or donate to charity for a good feel factor.


Time to get inspired

This is my favourite part of the process, (explain what this is? what to buy to fill your new space in wardrobe) but I know what you are thinking, I just don’t have the time.

Thankfully you already do this.  From the people you follow on social media, your friends who style you admire, or the Mum at the school gates who appears to have nailed 8am chic.  These are all reflective of your tastes and all talk to your personal style.

I love Pinterest, however, don’t always have the time to pin all the style inspiration I see.  Therefore I dip in and out when I need too.  For example, if I have a wedding coming up, I just search ‘wedding guest outfits for autumn’ or ‘stripe top outfit’ and my feed gives me lots of inspiration to go from.


Outfit Build

Hopefully, you now have a style goal in sight, a KEEP pile of wearable clothes and some inspiration.  Now its time to embrace your new wardrobe and make it work for you.  For 2 weeks, just wear the clothes you currently have, reworking them to create new combinations.  There are the building blocks to your new style and they will highlight what you are missing from your wardrobe.  If there are any items still unworn, consider them for the throw pile.

I found that wardrobe staples such as jeans were worn on repeat and lightweight knits worked with almost everything.  I then found that playing around with my shoes kept this overwise understated look interesting.  I then began to grow in confidence and started to have fun with dresses again.


Time to shop

2 weeks into your outfit build, you can now build a shopping list of missing styles.

Your wardrobe should consist of everyday wearable essentials, peppered with trend pieces that reflect the woman you are today.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this is your journey and style will evolve all the time.

However, you don’t have to do this alone.  If you want to take your overhaul to the next level, check out the Mummy Style Experiences here.  Your own personal stylist, from the comfort of your home x


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