Let’s talk about stripes x

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”

Coco Chanel

Today I wanted to talk to you about stripes. That classic and simple print that embodies everything we could want from a wardrobe staple, reliable and fail-safe. It can go from sophisticated to playful, depending on the shape it embodies and colour it so chooses.

For me, when it comes to stripes, I have an all-around obsession. A love that has not only taken over my wardrobe, it has filtered down to Henry and Georgie’s everyday look too. Last weekend I knew we had a problem when myself, the boys and my husband Ben were all dressed and ready for a day out at the waterfront, all in our nautical finest (the husband got changed, obviously).

The beauty of a stripe lies in its ability to take out the guesswork when it comes to getting dressed. It’s like paint by numbers, stripe top, jeans, and shoes out the door faster than your kids can say “I’m not going to nursery today”.

For me I feel confident in a stripe, I know what to expect from it and I know it will work hard for me in the day. & If I feel the need to elevate my Breton tee, I just add a red lip and voila, the bags under my eyes are no longer so prominent.

Completely and utterly unoriginal in its influence, my love of the humble stripe originated from my all-time desire to be French. I hoped that by simply adding a striped tee to my wardrobe, I would suddenly add a je ne sais quoi to my usual eclectic (messy) style.

I will always remember the time my Dad lived in the port town of Fréjus, just a stylish hop skip and ballet pump away from Saint Tropez. On one such visit, I was in people watching heaven. There was everything from Breton stripes worn with Capri trousers to midi stripe sundresses, accessorised with oversized baskets and sunglasses. All worn by sophisticated French woman against a backdrop of candy stripe beach umbrellas and Côte d’Azur blues.

I off course with my awful pigeon French would pretend to be Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and drag my poor Dad around the shops looking for the look that would ‘change my life”. Sorry, Dad.

So alongside the practicalities of a good stripe and my moment of nostalgia, they are currently gracing the high street like a long lost friend. From classic navy on white stripes worn on either the simple tee or to elevate your fashion stakes, the collate trousers. A firm favourite with me is the candy stripe midi dress, either in a shirt style or a fit and flare sundress. Linen and super soft viscose are the major players in the fabric stakes and in the current heat (Summer in May), the perfect body breathing fabric.

For me having a stripe in my wardrobe takes the pressure off, “what should I wear to work Monday” and that for me, is a game changer?

Are you with me on the stripe obsession?

The Mummy Style Stripe Edit

Left to Right. 1. Midi Stripe Blue & White Dress (Zara)   2. Candy Stripe Midi Dress (Zara)   3. Blue and White Embroidered Sleeve Blouse (Mango)   4. Red & White Stripe Linen Blouse (Zara)    5. Yellow Stripe Breton Tee (H&M).   6. Linen Ruffle Front Jumpsuit (Mango)    7. Navy & White Stripe Bardot Top (Warehouse)   8. Red & White Stripe Top (Next)    9. Cotton Twill Culotte Jeans (& Other Stories) x


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  1. June 28, 2018 / 9:24 pm

    I always think you have to be brave to embrace stripes and I am not brave. ?You look absolutely gorgeous!

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