My Mummy Style Story / Renee

“I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance.

Wear something that says ‘Here I am!’ today.”

Iris Apfel

As we finally step into spring and we look forward towards the summer months, I can’t but help but get excited about a new season of fashion. Wait, did I just say that?

As I write this, I feel an incredible sense of achievement, because Mummy Style is starting to work for me.  I’m slowly working through my body insecurities and discovering new looks and shapes that enhance my curves and hide my lumps and bumps.   I’m no longer waiting ‘until I lose my baby weight”, I’m living in the moment and I’ve never been so happy.

As the sun brings with it a new mood, I’m excited to introduce a new series of interviews, featuring those women that seemingly always look impeccable.  These are the Mum’s that juggle motherhood and life and do so with incredible confidence and portray an innate sense of style.  Currently still on maternity leave, I’ve yet to face the challenges that come with looking good and getting out of the house by 7.45am.  Therefore I’m looking forward to being educated on achieving back to work style, without the baby sick stains.

To start the series, I thought I would divulge a little bit more about me and how I currently define my style mood.  I will be interested in looking back in 6 months to a year and seeing whether I’d progressed through the Mummy Style journey.

I believe I inherited my love of fashion from…

My beautiful Mum.  I have so many fond memories of playing dress up in her 80’s wardrobe or just simply watching her add shoulder pads to everything.  She had such inner confidence and fully embraced the trends of the time.  Standout looks included t-shirt dresses, cinched into an inch of their life.  Boiler suits with rolled up hems and high collars and my favourite, the leather jacket with skinny leather trousers. But it was her collection of stilettos and slip dresses that I would dress up in for days.

As much as she loved to dress up, she loved to dress me up too.  From printed jumpsuits, fitted dresses with ra-ra frill hems and sugar stripe dungarees were her go-to looks for her only daughter.  Then later oversized jumpers worn with tights and Chelsea boots became my signature look.  I never fully appreciated my individual style and the amount of love my Mum put into my outfits.  I just wanted to look like everyone else.

If I were to describe my style in three words they would be…

Evolving, Feminine and Hardworking

My look is evolving from the inside out. Not only has my body changed, but I have changed too. As I explore this new me, I am currently attracted to a colour palette of super soft pinks, English garden blooms and everyday classic neutrals.  My wardrobe is hard working in the sense that I need it to flatter my body and handle the practicalities of raising two boys.  Despite trying to inject some new and exciting clothing items into my daily life, I am still drawn to comfort, therefore Breton stripe tee’s, chunky knits and good leggings still play a role in my wardrobe.

The current styles in high rotation in my wardrobe right now are…

Jeans, predominantly slim or skinny in shape and in a clean denim wash.  I love to roll the hems to play with proportions, as I’m longer in the leg and short in the body.  I love wearing these with lightweight knitwear, either in grey, navy, tan or black.   My footwear choice is either trainers or flat shoes that have no hope of surviving a downpour.  What can I say, I love a ballet flat all year around.  This simplistic look has served me well, however, I’m now gravitating towards bold colours and prints, which I guess is the next step in defining who I am now.

My ultimate style aim is to…
Curate a wardrobe full of forever pieces that never go out of style and continue to feel timeless. With a few trend-driven pieces thrown in to keep it exciting.  But ultimately my aim is to have a wardrobe that never lets me down.  I need work wear appropriate styles that help me feel stylish, but put together, whilst withstanding the nursery run and two boys with never-ending sticky fingers.  I need items for the weekends, so I feel that step change between work and play.  & lastly, those frivolous and fabulous pieces (that my husband will undoubtfully not like) that I can dress up in on the rare occasions we go out.

I am at my most comfortable…

During relaxed downtime.  Since day to night merges into one, as Georgie is yet to sleep through, I’m loving my loungewear and PJs moments.  Always barefoot.  Even now as I write this, I’m enjoying the snugly feeling that only comes with your favourite pair of pyjamas.  No makeup, bed head and the boys snuggled next to me.  Imagine if an outfit could make you feel this good all day.  Since having Georgie I have enjoyed wearing my hair naturally curly and so much less makeup.  It’s refreshing and less time consuming, however, this is something I will need to adapt when I return to work.

This summer I will be investing in…

Wedding guest dresses or separates.  From my Dad, brother and sister in law, there are so many special weddings this year that I hope to dress up for.  I’ve always been drawn to structured styles when it comes to occasion wear, however, my figure is pushing me towards floaty wrap dresses in soft pastel tones or prairie florals.  I’ve also got my eye on a dusky pink tailored suit in Reiss that I would love to wear for my brother’s wedding.  Worn back with a white blouse and gold strappy sandals and I’m in heaven.  Plus the jacket would work well later with jeans, so I get more out of my wardrobe.

This summer we have a family holiday in Tenby south Wales.  It doesn’t warrant swimwear (thank goodness), but I would like to try and find some seaside pieces that give me holiday vibes, but without everything hanging out.  I think I will be gravitating to denim shorts worn with oversized linen shirts and boating hats.  My new obsession.

When I look back at my style evolution…

I want to ensure I never missed out on having fun with my family and friends because I simply had nothing to wear.






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