My Mummy Style Story | Julie

“Oh my God, I’ve embraced myself as I am, in one morning”

– Julie


Meet my best friend Julie.  A beautiful Mum of two with a signature style that is eclectic, colourful, vintage influenced and personal to her.  Julie has a knack for mixing prints, colours and textures that she effortlessly pairs with of the moment footwear and accessories.

From the moment I met Julie back in my college days, she has been someone that I’ve grown alongside, in both my fashion sense and as a mother.  We’ve both been incredibly lucky to have spent 2 maternity leaves together and are both on our journey’s to new body acceptance.

Today I wanted to give you a look at Julie’s wardrobe.  Julie has a stunning collection of statement fashion pieces that she has collected over time.  She has an incredible way of wearing them back with everyday fashion basics and instantly creating her own version of laid-back sophistication.

How would you describe your everyday style? 

Depends on the day, the occasion and the time of year.  My wardrobe is 50% eclectic and 50% fresh basics.  I feel like I need basics in my look to contrast my quirkier pieces, like my mid-calf pink sequin skirt.  Adding a grey tee or trainer give a more dressed down look.  I also love to clash my prints and colour and other days I stick to grey, black and navy.

A fully dressed look just isn’t me.  Even on a rare night out, there is always a nod to laid-back evening wear.  But whatever happens, there will almost always, be a leather jacket and a bright lip involved.  My style is a more Pinterest follower than fashion trend led.

I never take off my beautiful rose gold necklace with the initials of my two boys.  I had it made in Copenhagen, down my favourite street, when I was only 5 months pregnant with my 2nd son Felix.  Just like with Kasper, we knew what his name was to be, long before we fell pregnant, so I patiently waited to wear the piece for a long time.

What is your go-to look at the moment? 

Washed out cropped denim jeans that are super ripped at the knee, they are edgy and I love the contrast of their worn look with a classic smart coat.   I wear them with a grey tee, or a black and navy knit and finish the look with a brighter trainer or flat mule.    The beauty of a mule, such as my leopard pair, is they can be worn any time of year.

Depending on the weather I love to layer my leather jacket under my oversized winter coats.

How has your style evolved since being a Mum?

I don’t think my signature style has changed, but my time to manage my closet has.  For example, my favourite jeans aren’t always ready to go as they are on the growing wash pile, therefore I’ve stocked up on leggings as an alternative.  I’ve always been an outerwear girl, which hasn’t changed, so I always ensure I have a collection of knits so I always feel comfy underneath.  Ultimately I let my shoes, coats and accessories do the talking and post babies, this hasn’t changed.

Do you think fashion be important to mums?

Fashion…no. But feeling good about yourself in the clothes that you are wearing…100%.

For me, It’s about discovering my own style that makes me feel like the best of myself.  So having so key pieces in my wardrobe, that guarantee to make me feel comfortable and confident.  If I ever want to try a current trend, I find that playing with accessories is a great way to update my look.

Which current item in your wardrobe, would you never want to be apart from?

My leather jacket, actually no…

I find it extremely difficult to part from ANY of my coats. Coats transform any outfit and they are my top layer, so I have curated quite a selection of jackets in different options.  My coat collection is a mix of old and new.  Leather and suede jackets, faux furs and embellished styles.  I also have a thing for duster coats or oversized overcoats, oh and I love my peacoats, macs and denim styles.  Basically, there is no coat style my wardrobe won’t cover.

Oh and my dungarees… They currently don’t fit right now but one day they will!

What is your guilty fashion pleasure?

I definitely don’t feel guilty about this as I think it’s such a cool look if done correctly. I adore a little ankle sock with a shoe. Not everyone’s cup of tea but mine for sure.

Has your body shape changed since becoming a Mum? & If so how adapted your wardrobe around it? 

Definitely!! My shelve -like JLo bum (or so I used to be told) has flattened and the cheeks have moved around and added themselves to my already large hips. Thanks to my two lovely boys.   I’m overall wider than before I had my boys but nothing that I can’t fix if I feel the need to.

I used to live in my dungarees but they don’t sit right with my current shape , so I’ve adapted with bib and brace style dresses which are more flattering.  I’m very stubborn when it comes to my sense of style, I can’t let go or give up on the styles I used to wear. So I keep them in my wardrobe knowing one day I will wear them again.

But for now, as long as I am comfortable, and my outwear and accessories are ‘ my style’ I know me and my pink lipstick will have a good day!!



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