I can’t possibly get dressed without Pinterest x

“Knowing yourself is knowing the distance between your dream self and real self”.

– Garance Dore


I have a Pinterest addiction.  An addiction so deep rooted in my life, that I cannot possibly dress in the morning without searching my outfit of the day and then adding Street Style to the end.

The beauty of Pinterest is the way it can serve my eyeballs in a matter of moments, any outfit combination and how to pull it together.  Especially when I’m stuck on what to wear and don’t have time on my side.

Case in point happened just this Monday.  Armed with my perfectly edited back to work rail (for my maternity leave was over) I found that my selection of linen stripes, spring florals and romantic blouses didn’t compliment the current weather of rain, more rain and even more rain.

I so desperately wanted to wear my new Saint Tropez blue and white linen trousers, however, the elements were against me.  A quick Pinterest search brought up an array of possible looks and then I hit upon a pair of stripes, worn back with a knitted jumper.  & voila, look of the week number 3 was born (if you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen this look on my daily stories).

This little scenario got me thinking about inspiration and how sometimes we don’t always need a brand new wardrobe, just a pair of fresh eyes.  Before I became a Mum of boys (I’ve become rather fond of that hashtag), I would waste away hours of my life devouring glossy magazines, fashion blogs and people watching.  This nostalgic pastime would play a significant role in developing my signature style and my career in fashion.

Fast forward to present day and Mum’s (repeat after me) “who’s got time for that?”… But I do have time for a quick Pinterest fix to satisfy my thirst for newness. Which is why ensuring you have a good solid foundation of wardrobe essentials that fit you to perfection is so important.  These become the building blocks establishing your signature look and when the weather, for example, fails you, you simply just need to rework the formula.

As much as I love shopping, I equally love freshening up my current wardrobe by incorporating new style elements.  Whether it’s turning up a pair of jeans, layering a blazer over a simple tee or unearthing a lost Breton stripe to add detail to a jumpsuit (Friday’s look of the day).

We may not always have time to flick through the pages of fashion magazines, but we can all make time for a quick Pinterest search.  I do mine before the sun comes up and the boys rule my day. x


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