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“The beauty of the Mummy style philosophy is, it means different things to different people”.

Renee Christel Rispin

Hi, I’m Renée, a 30-something Mum to 2 boys & today I wanted to introduce you to my new blog, Mummy Style… Following the birth of my 2nd son, I am embarking on a quest to capture the true essence of mummy dressing and would love to take you on the journey with me.  But what does Mummy Style mean to me?


Mummy style to me is about embracing your

new lumps, bumps, and curves

and falling in love with yourself all over again.


It’s working with your imperfections and celebrating your new role in motherhood.  It’s understanding that it’s not just about the clothes we wear, it’s how we fell about them and how they adapt to our new lives as a parent.


At Mummy Style, I am hoping to reach Mum’s like you that are either looking to be inspired or those of you seeking style advice.  Everything from everyday essentials to special occasions to hopefully give you back your confidence.  So what can you expect from my blog…


♥ I will share my own journey into feeling comfortable in my new skin and hopefully establish a signature look that oozes confidence and allows a new found style to shine through.  I love clothing, it’s a huge part of who I am creatively, however, I have not enjoyed dressing up since the birth of my boys.

♥ Introduce to you women that inspire me with their own sense of style and get an insight into what works for them.  I find the everyday woman to be hugely inspiring, especially those who have turned the phrase ‘Mummsy’ on its head.

♥ Utilize my background in celebrity styling and fashion buying to help you unearth your Mummy Style.  This is an aspect of my blog I am most excited about as I love making women feel good about themselves again.


If this is something you would love to hear more about or become a part of, I welcome you to join the Mummy Style club and let’s become the best versions of ourselves x

Images by one of my favourite Yummy Mummy’s Katie Fallon, from Katie Fallon Photography.  Katie has a magical way of bringing the best out of you and making you feel beautiful, even with mountains of sleep-deprived bags under your eyes.

The images were taken at One Fine Day, a beautiful space in the heart of Liverpool, that can transform any special occasion.  Situated in the iconic Cotton Exchange, if you are looking for a venue for your special day or simply someplace to have lunch or coffee, please check it out. x


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  1. Run Jump Scrap
    November 29, 2017 / 10:13 am

    love those shoes!! You really make the clothes look incredible. Really exciting new blog lovely. Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

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